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But when I’'m just being “me” I’'m a follower of Jesus, doing my damned best to live life with love, grace, and light. (And a cold beer or two).

I have a house full of boys, (pray for me). My husband and THREE kiddos are my world; along with our wiener dog and frenchie. I’m an OG Kansas girl, so go ahead with the Twister, Dorothy and red slipper jokes. Kansas will always be home, but I absolutely love any opportunity to travel. I'm a small-town girl with a love for big city visits. I’ve always been the artsy nerd, think the movie She’s All That, but without the high school 90s rom-com. I love spending time outdoors, with the ones I love.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for 10+ years, and I’ve fully been in business for 4+. I love country music, cold beer and pizza, trying new restaurants, coffee, sleeping in, and a warm summer night by campfire.

But enough about me, basically a dating profile, let’s get to know you!

Living life and having a damn good time doing so

Core Values

My husband and I had the privilege of having Kylie Weems for both our engagement and wedding!! She went ABOVE AND BEYOND to capture the moments we wanted, and create a beautiful, comfortable, and fun environment at both sessions. For our engagement photos, she did a wonderful job helping us to break out of our comfort zone, and was great with getting photos of us and our baby daughter. During our wedding, when I say Kylie went above and beyond, I mean way above and beyond. We are from Whidbey Island in Washington State, where the weather during the Fall and Winter can be pretty stormy and unpredictable. There was a huge wind storm the night before our wedding which threw off a lot of our plans and schedule as there were several downed trees and power lines, resulting in complete road closures and an Island-wide power outage. Kylie drove an extra 3 hours around the island to get to us, and even stayed after our wedding to help us clean up without any power!! She helped me with my dress and my undergarments, she made us both feel so heard, and so comfortable, and helped to keep us calm during such a hectic day made even more chaotic because of the massive change of plans due to the storm. She kept our wants and dreams on point as she made sure she got the photos we wanted, and was so graceful and adaptable as she helped us navigate constant schedule and plan changes. She became more of a friend than a photographer for us, and filled multiple rolls during our big day- she worked in the capacity of not only Photographer, she filled the shoes of planner, supporter, friend, and clean up crew. Again, she captured beautiful and precious moments of us with our 7 month old daughter, which was extremely important to us, and made the entire day feel perfect. Our family is so blessed by her, and we will always go to Kylie for all of our family photography, and we will absolutely always recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a talented, fun, passionate and extremely kind photographer. The fact that her photographs are always incredible is just icing on the cake for us.

Kind Words

-Gabrielle + Mike